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Accounting Education Resource Guide

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General Accounting Resources

No matter what your reason is for studying accounting, these general resources are a helpful starting point. From basic definitions of accounting terms to free, online courses, find what you need below.

Accounting Coach – Learn the basics of accounting with the free material started by Harold Avercamp, CPA and MBA. Free material includes complete explanations of basic topics, Q&A, quizzes, and more.


Accounting in 60 Minutes: A Brief Introduction – Looking for a free, online accounting course that will teach you the basics of accounting? This brief, introductory course taught by an experienced professor in an easy-to-understand format lasts approximately an hour and includes simple quizzes for reinforcement.


Accounting Ethics and Integrity Standards – This article provides an overview of ethics in the field of accounting and includes links to other relevant articles, such as Examples of Ethics in AccountingEthical Dilemmas in AccountingEthical Issues Facing the Accounting Profession, and more.


Basic Accounting Terminology 101– Quickly get yourself up to speed with this quick read. Within minutes you’ll have a grasp of basic accounting terms and what they mean.


20 Basic Accounting Terms, Acronyms, and Abbreviations – Before you can really understand the basics of accounting, you have understand the lingo. Demystify the sometimes-confusing jargon with this helpful resource.


11 Basic Accounting Formulas – This link takes you to a helpful PDF that will explain how to calculate the 11 formulas that will help create a Profit and Loss sheet.

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Accounting Study Resources

Whether you’re prepping for your CPA, a college or high school exam or you simply want to brush up on some accounting skills, this list has the resources you need. Check out the links below to find the resources you need to achieve your study goals. – The website for the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) provides information on the following: CPA exam overview, content, and scoring as well as when the next exam will take place.


Accounting Flashcards – Find free sets of ready-made accounting flashcards, or make your own set with the free templates provided by With the templates, you can easily type accounting data on the front and back of each flashcard until you have the customized set you need for studying.


A Guide for Students Studying Accounting – While not visually pleasing, this black-and-white guide makes up for it with its clear-cut, practical information. Find useful rules, suggestions, and techniques to help you improve your accounting study skills.


Accounting Study Skills Tips – Find a wealth of study tips from students just like you. Follow the link to find dozens of articles with information that will help you study smarter instead of harder.

CPA Zone –This site caters to students who aspire to become CPAs. Find helpful tips for success on the CPA exam, a section for motivation and inspiration, and student stories focusing on their experiences with the exam.

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Accounting Practice Tests and Quizzes

Curious to know how well you’re retaining all that accounting knowledge you’ve acquired? Use the links below to quiz – or even test – yourself to see what topics you really know and which ones you need to keep studying. – Test your current accounting knowledge or learn about accounting through the site’s lessons and then take a quiz to test your knowledge. Choose from 14 different topics.


WizIQ – A multitude of free online accounting tests authored by experts in the field. Topics are suited for helping with preparation for various secondary accounting exams.


Free Accounting Practice Test – A free test provided by the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers. Simply provide your name and email to obtain access to the test.


The Uniform CPA Examination Practice Test – Get a guided tour of the CPA exam with a free tutorial before you take the practice test. Then, take the free test to provide you with a preview of what the Uniform CPA Exam is really like.

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