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Educational Awareness

Whether we’re talking about balancing your personal checking account or handling the books for a small, medium, or large business, accounting is a crucial function – and it has been for thousands of years.


In fact, some historians credit accounting – essentially the practice of processing and recording financial information – with spurring the development of writing, counting, and money.


Accounting is all about holding individuals, businesses, and other organizations accountable, at least in terms of their financial activities. Without accounting practices – which can include reconciling payroll, properly recording revenue, and meeting tax requirements – the financial world would be rife with confusion and fraud.


So it’s clear that the world needs ethical, well-trained accountants.  

Take a look at this resource guide to connect you to useful information.

For more information about Foundation for Aspiring Minority Accountants providing educational awareness for yourself or your organization, please contact us.

Educational Awareness
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The Foundation for Aspiring Minority Accountants (FAMA) is committed to increasing access to education and success for minority students interested in accounting.

In partnership with our generous donors, we will continue to support students working to reach their full potential in high schools, colleges and universities, and professional education programs across the country.

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Mentorship Program

Mentoring is a powerful force for developing the next generations of leaders.


The Foundation for Aspiring Minority Accountants Mentoring Program allows participants to seek a mentor and/or mentee outside of their organization. 

A mentor can offer insight and advice about challenges and opportunities and serve as a sounding board for ideas and career-related decisions. An outside mentor will bring an objective perspective which often complements the mentoring and coaching a professional receives inside an organization.

We look forward to reviewing your application to be a mentee in our program.

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FAMA Internships

Do you find safety in numbers? If so, an accounting internship could be the next step in your career.


As a Foundation for Aspiring Minority Accountants (FAMA) intern, you’ll gain exposure to daily accounting activities, such as preparing financial reports, performing monthly reconciliations, month-end closing activities, assisting with annual financial reviews, data analysis, and tax returns.


Our internships for high school and college students will provide real-world experience to develop skills and expand ones professional experience.

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